Specializing EXCLUSIVELY in dental implants

The last half of the 20th century is crowded with medical milestones.  None in dentistry is more revolutionary than osseointegrated dental implants which have provided tens of thousands of patients a better method for the replacement of missing teeth.  Yet few have taken the time to wonder at the process – and  the demands – that have made the once unimaginable commonplace.

The PermaDent Dental Implant Center is one of the few centers in the world devoted exclusively to the placement of osseointegrated dental implants.  Since the Center’s establishment in 1986, more than 10,000 implants have been placed.  Each member of the Center’s staff, from surgeon to nursing and support personnel, specialize solely in the finest quality treatment and care for dental implant patients.  This 100% professional commitment to dental implants has provided us with unique experience in this field.  In addition, our office has been designed and equipped specifically for implant dentistry to maximize patient comfort, convenience and successful results.

The Center’s Founder and Co-directorDr. Melvyn Schwarz, has been a periodontist in Torrance since 1965 and now is the only dental specialist who limits his practice exclusively to osseointegrated implants.  He received his implant training and certification at the Branemark Clinic in Gothenberg, Sweden where today’s generation of dental implants were developed.  Dr. Schwarz was instrumental in the development of Denta-Scan, a CT diagnostic procedure for implant surgery and is much sought after to lecture and teach his techniques for achieving comfortable and esthetic results.

The Center’s newest Co-director is Dr. Malena Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez has been practicing Maxillofacial Prosthodontics in Torrance for 11 years and has expanded her specialization by completing the internationally respected two year Implant Dentistry fellowship at Loma Linda University. Dr. Rodriguez’s work at PermaDent is solely focused on implants where she is bringing new advances and technology to further compliment the quality and success of PermaDent’s outstanding reputation and history.

The PermaDent Dental Implant Center is committed 100% to excellence in meeting the needs of dental implant patients.  Our vast experience has resulted in an unusually high success rate (about 99%).  This in turn allows us to back our work with the unparalleled promise that should an implant fail to achieve osseointegration, will either replace it at no charge or refund the patient’s money for the installation of the unsuccessful implant.   We truly believe that if you take the time to educate yourself about dental implants you will choose our unique combination of experience, personal attention, convenience and quality care.

We do implants.  That’s all we do! ®