Our Philosophy


We are committed to the highest integrity in oral health care

We pride ourselves on maintaining high ethical standards in oral health care and creating an environment that facilitates and fully promotes that mindset. From the way we establish office policies and educate our team, to the way we make decisions about patient care, we are always focused on one thing: what is best for our patient. 

We comprehensively evaluate, advise, plan and treat for your long-term oral health

Oftentimes, we meet patients who have “limped along” for many years and opted for treatment that addressed immediate issues, but did not take into account the long-term impact of the “fix this tooth” type decisions. In our office, we will always present you with options that will result in the most successful, predictable, long-term outcome. We believe it is our responsibility as health care professionals to provide our patients with the best information, advice and oral health care available.

Our goal is to help you preserve your natural teeth 

Our goal is to save your teeth whenever possible and preserve your existing healthy structure. Maintaining your natural teeth in a healthy condition is the best choice for long-term oral health, stability and function. Dental Implants are a wonderful permanent alternative, but keeping your natural teeth when possible is ideal. 

We empower our patients and put them in control of their oral health

We often hear the phrase, “Nobody has ever taught me that before,” and we love it when we do. The most successful oral health care is achieved when patients are well informed and engaged in their own treatment and disease prevention. We consider our patients an integral part of the “team,” and encourage active participation in educated decisions about your oral health care and maintenance.

Collaboration is the best way to care for our patients

When you’re in our office, you’re not simply seen by a dentist, you are cared for by a team. Not only do our patients benefit from the collective experience of our specialists, our close working relationship with the dentists who invite us to participate in caring for their patients ensures the most comprehensive and seamless patient treatment available. We are proud to work with the finest dentists in the South Bay who share the same commitment to excellence in patient care and high-quality dentistry, and we value the importance of collaborating with our colleagues to achieve the highest level of care for you, our patients. 

Education is the cornerstone of our practice

We take to heart the importance of our roles as experts in our community, and we are committed to upholding that position through continued learning and sharing. You will find all of our doctors regularly participating in continuing education courses all over the world, and then sharing our knowledge and experience with our network of dental colleagues so that, together, we continue delivering exceptional patient care. We understand the value of surrounding ourselves with the leading minds of our profession and how that translates to elevated care for our patients.

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