Dental Implants have an advantage over standard tooth restorations for missing teeth. In certain situations, traditional implants are not able to be placed. The installation of mini dental implants can be greatly helpful for this.

When are Mini Dental Implants Recommended?

Mini dental implants are convenient when conventional implants cannot be placed. Mini dental implants are great for patients who do not want or cannot receive conventional implants, fixed bridges, upper or lower implant supported dentures.

Some instances where we recommend mini dental implants are:

  • Insufficient Bone Density – The success of dental implants depends on the strength of the residual jaw bone. If the jaw bone is strong enough, then the implants can last a lifetime.
  • Unfit for Surgical Procedures for Bone Quality Enhancement – In some cases, one of our expert dentists can perform various allied surgical procedures in effort to strengthen the jaw bone(s). These procedures include sinus lift, alveoloplasty, and bone augmentation. Patients who have any type of chronic illness or malignancy should forego surgical procedures. In these cases, your dentist may replace your missing teeth with mini implants, since they require less bone density to be retained.
  • Insufficient Space Available – Once a natural tooth is lost, the adjacent tooth grows into the gap over time. If this occurs, conventional implants are usually not recommended. Mini implants that are shorter can fit and be placed more easily.

What are Mini Dental Implants Made of?

Mini dental implants are made of titanium alloy just like standard implants, although mini implants are  smaller. Primarily, they are titanium posts with a ball (precision attachment) at the exterior end. Once the implant is fastened into the jaw, the bone integrates with it over the course of three to six months. A new tooth is then attached onto this precision attachment with a socket and a rubber O ring.

What is the Difference Between Conventional and Mini Dental Implants?

Size is the primary difference between mini and conventional dental implants. The diameters of mini implants are from 1.8 to 3.3 mm, while regular implants are 3.4 to 5.8 mm wide. Also, a mini implant is a two-piece structure, while the conventional implant has three pieces. The abutment is applied to the body separately with standard implants. Mini implants can be installed in one visit using only simple local anesthesia and sutures are seldom needed.

Mini Dental Implants: Single Tooth, Multiple Teeth and Full Mouth Restoration

Mini dental implants are recommended for these common situations:

  • Single tooth restoration – In past years, If you needed a single tooth replacement, it would have to be a dental bridge – taking support from the adjacent good teeth and weakening them gradually. With mini implants, once the replacement tooth is attached to the embedded implant, it functions as a natural tooth.
  • Multiple teeth restoration – Supporting two or three teeth on one implant is also a possible and affordable option.
  • Full mouth restoration – A full mouth restoration is a procedure which affects the teeth, jaws, lips, and everything surrounding. We offer our patients various options regarding complete/full mouth rehabilitation.

Permanent Teeth Replacement

  • Mini Implants Feel Natural– Mini dental implants will feel natural once healed. These new implant supported teeth are rooted in the jaw bone, like natural teeth. They last a lifetime and are recommended over conventional replacements like bridges and dentures for this reason. Mini implants only require regular oral hygiene as well as a visit to your dentist twice yearly.
  • Say Goodbye to Your Dentures – Mini implant supported dentures do not have the weaknesses of conventional dentures. They will not fall out of your mouth and do not have to be kept in water or a soaking solution at night. They also will not cause gum shrinkage or bone loss and relining visits are not required.

Mini Dental Implants — Permanent Dentures, Fixed Bridges, Teeth Replacement

Whether you need to replace a single tooth, or multiple teeth, mini dental implants are a great option no matter the tooths’ location. Mini dental implants offer the most reliable, durable, and convenient solution replacing missing teeth.

Implant supported restorations give you a worry-free solution, and only require regular oral hygiene and bi-annual visits to our office.

Schedule a consultation today for more information about the options we can offer you at our office on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA in the South Bay. We look forward to giving you a new, perfect smile! For more information about dental implants, click here.