Why Get Permanent Dentures?

Permanent Dentures Torrance CADentures are a set of artificial teeth placed into a stable support structure. A complete set of dentures contains all the teeth for a upper or lower jaw, while partials only replace a portion of the teeth. Conventionally, dentures are built on a gum colored acrylic base which secures snugly onto the gum, and is kept in place primarily by suction between them and the gum surface. This way, removable dentures can be easily taken out to be cleaned or in-between meals. However, they have many drawbacks and have now been virtually replaced by dentures on dental implants. Since implants fuse into the jaw bone, these are most often referred to as fixed dentures. A partial denture on implants is called a fixed bridge. However, you can get an upper or lower full arch reconstruction with and all-on-4, 5, 6 implant supported prosthesis.

Permanent/Fixed Dentures – What to Know

Modern dental restorations get their benefits from the implants they are attached to. An implant is a metallic post that has threads on one end. The threaded end is placed into the jaw bone at specifically determined locations and angles.

How Many Implants are Necessary for a Set of Complete Dental Implants?

One or more implants may need to be inserted into a jaw to completely support the denture – depending on the number of teeth that need replacement. A full set can be held in place on as few as four implants (also called an all-on-four). But the number really depends on several factors – especially the overall jaw bone health.


Dental implants derive their unique advantage from a natural phenomenon called Osseo-integration. Osseo-integration is a process when bone cells grow into the surface of certain metallic objects once they have been placed into the bone. This forms a naturally strong bond, and the implant will become part of the bone. Osseo-integration is a slow process, and can take anywhere from two to six months to create a strong bond.


In the standard procedure, permanent dentures are positioned on the implants after osseo-integration has been finished. This is called ‘loading’ the implants. This can take three to six months after the implants have been placed. A temporary denture is provided to the patient to work as a bridge over this time.

Are Permanent Dentures a Good Idea?

Implant supported dentures, whether complete or partial permanents, have many advantages over standard removable dentures. This more than outweighs the higher cost of implants. Some benefits include:

  • Natural Feeling and Appearance – A lovely set of teeth on durable and very stable support looks, feels, and works just like a healthy set of natural teeth.
  • Eat Whatever You Like – Unlike conventional dentures, by deciding on implant supported teeth you won’t have to watch what you eat.
  • Excellent Aesthetics – A dental professional can easily install new teeth which can give you a beautiful smile.
  • No Public Embarrassment – Conventional dentures can be embarrassing if they slip out in public. Teeth on implants are permanent and integrate into a natural part of your mouth.
  • No Bone Loss – With traditional dentures, the tooth sockets stay empty and triggers bone loss or bone resorption around the empty socket. This causes bone loss (bone resorption). Dental implants actually encourage bone growth thanks to the Osseo-integration process.
  • Face Contours Retention – Bone resorption in the jaw can change the contours of the face and take away from your smile. Implant supported dentures will help avoid that.
  • Always in Your Mouth – Conventional replacements must be removed when you go to bed, for cleaning, and after meals. Implant supported teeth are fixed permanently and will remain in your mouth all the time.
  • No Storage Concerns – While dentures need to be soaked in special soaking solutions when removed, that’s not needed with implants.
  • Normal Speech- People with removable dentures may not be able to speak naturally in the initial days. Implant supported teeth are just like natural teeth in how they look and feel and they provide the patient with perfect speech.

Permanent Denture Cost

Torrance CA Permanent DenturesPermanent complete dentures cost significantly more than conventional ones. But when we weigh in the many advantages listed above, the denture being  secured with implants are an excellent value.

Implants provide stable support for dentures because they are secured firmly to the jaw bone. But what if the jaw bone isn’t strong enough to provide support to the implants? These kinds of considerations become important when considering permanent dentures for seniors or patients with chronic diseases.

If enough bone mass is available, one of our implant specialists may recommend that you wait for more time to pass, to allow for the Osseo-integration process to complete. In case a complete denture is necessary, other teeth may require removal. Grafting may also contribute to the overall cost. But this option is possible for people in their 40s, 50s, 60s, over 65, or even at 80 years of age.

Implant Supported Complete Permanent Dentures

A complete permanent denture can be placed on as few as four implants, provided the patient has good overall health and sufficient bone quality. This is most often known as an ”all-on-four” implant denture – but more than four implants may be required for a complete permanent denture if the patient has an untreatable disease such as diabetes or immunodeficiency.

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