About Same Day Dental Implants

Those with failing or missing teeth may want to consider getting dental implants, which are often a more comfortable option than dentures. Traditional dental implants can be a process that takes 6 to 18 months to complete; same day implants allow patients to have a new smile in just a few hours.

Why Choose Same Day Dental Implants?

Same day dental implants are done using local anesthesia, rather than general anesthesia that occurs during traditional dental implants. The less-invasive procedure results in less pain and a faster healing time. Many people experience embarrassment when their teeth are missing or are failing and do not want to wait months to have their teeth restored.

Same day implants can be completed in as little as an hour, helping our patients to avoid feeling self-conscious about their teeth.

Patients are able to resume their normal lives in less time after the procedure, including eating, talking and smiling as usual. Studies have shown that same day implants have the same rate of success as traditional implants with less pain and time.

Same Day Dental Implant Procedure

There are three parts to receiving a same day dental implant: removal of the tooth, placement of the implant and placing the crown.

Removal of the Tooth

The tooth or root that is failing or missing must be completely removed from the socket. The socket is the bone that supports the tooth and care must be taken during the procedure to ensure that it is not damaged. This socket will be the receptor site for the implant, so ensuring that the bone isn’t damaged or lost during the removal is critical in the implant fitting tightly.

Placement of the Implant

The implant will be placed in the empty socket and will allow the bone to fuse to its surface as it heals. Implants are typically made of specialized titanium that will allow for the bone to grow and to fit tightly around the implant. Our dental implant specialists will ensure that the implant is stable and doesn’t move by selecting the proper size of implant and placing it carefully.

Placing the Crown

The first crown that is placed is temporary and is made of resin. It is attached either directly to the implant or through an abutment. In two months when the implant has fully healed and has adhered to the surrounding bone, a permanent crown will be placed.

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