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THE PERMADENT PROMISE (Lifetime Implant Warranty)

While it is impossible to guarantee the success of any medical procedure, our extremely high success rate (in excess of 99%) allows us to provide this lifetime warranty on all of the implants placed byPermaDent doctors:

In the unlikely event that an implant is lost, PermaDent will replace it at no charge* or, if for some reason that is not possible, we will refund the fee paid for the unsuccessful implant.

*This warranty covers only the fee for the implant. Should bone grafting be required in order to prepare the site for the implant, the fee for the bone grafting is not covered.

(Lifetime Extended Warranty)

While it is expected that dental implants will last for a very long time, there are instances where the implants may be lost. The longevity of the implants is unique to each patient. The loss of one or more implants often results in the loss of the artificial teeth they support. In most cases, the implants and lost teeth can be replaced so the most serious effect is financial – the cost of replacing the implants and artificial teeth. For that reason, we make this lifetime extended warranty available for purchase in an effort to protect our patient’s investment:

In the event that an implant is lost, and if the artificial teeth have to be replaced because of the loss of the implant(s), PermaDent will reimburse the patient for the original fee paid for the teeth.*

*Any problems with the implants or the teeth they support must be reported to the PERMADENT DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER prior to retreatment. No reimbursement will be made unless the problem is examined and diagnosed by the PermaDent doctors prior to retreatment.

**This warranty does not cover the loss of prosthetic teeth that have to be replaced for reasons other than the loss of the implant(s) that support them.

“PermaDent” and “PermaDent Dental Implant Center” are DBAs of Rodriguez Dental Corporation. This warranty is made by Rodriguez Dental Corporation and not by the individual doctors.